Hikaru Noguchi has been a leading knitted fabric designer since the early 1990s.

Her work has developed knitted accessories collection to mix innovative textures and colours, with influences from traditional knit patterns and craft techniques. She works with family-run traditional knit workshops in the U.K., where attention to detail and quality still form part of a way of life. She seeks a look that is both sophisticated and quirky, achieved through unusual juxtapositions of colour and textures for Men’s, Ladies, Children and Home.

In recent years, she started to spend more time in Africa and rejoices in having found new and different kinds of beauty through nature, to inspire her creations.

The 5th knitted tie collection, which great pleasure to receive amazing reaction from knit tie fun all over the world.
In this collection, using fresh fruity colours like Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red, Peach Pink, Lime, Mint, and Satsuma Orange with navy, grey and chocolate. Keep simple and still essence of fun and relax feeling which quality wool and un comramaze quality always create unforgettable experience.

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