Orcival is an authentic French brand ,founded in 1939 producing the Genuine French Marine Top- La Mariniere Francaise.

The brand is named after a small village in the centre of France.

All Orcival tops are made at the company’s own factory in Lyon, France where the brand had to relocate in 1939 during WWII.

Lyon was the home town of the Founder Charles Bert and a city famous for silk weaving and cotton production.

The Orcival ‘ Bee’ Logo has become part of French Culture and Heritage with Orcival tops being worn by Picasso, Brigitte Bardot and Jean Seberg through the years.

The famous Orcival heavy cotton long sleeve jersey top is knitted on circular looms dating back to the 1850’s.

This means the Orcival Top always retains its shape and parallel horizontal stripe appearance.

Orcival has become a symbol of French authenticity and craftsmanship.

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